Google unveils Google Analytics 360 Suite with a new DMP, landing page testing tool and more

Google unpack range of products that aim to achieve simplicity at work is often tedious standardization and unification of marketing and advertising data channels for large organizations. This is not necessarily a novel – Oracle, Adobe, Atlas effort even Facebook are in the mix – but the package integration and mother AdWords and DoubleClick makes it particularly noteworthy for search marketers. Called Google Analytics 360 Name of the package, the package offers a mix of completely new solutions and renamed the project.

First, a rundown, what’s new:

A Data Management Platfrom: Google public 360 (beta) is a platform for managing the long-awaited details of the company (DMP) and that initial reports had PCHR calls on the public DoubleClick. DMP was an arrow in the quiver of missing technology Google Ads (or layer stack if we stick with the announcement Language Technology).

Here’s what we know so far about the public Google 360: It is, of course, already connects DoubleClick and AdWords, but also integrates with other DSP, so marketers can build an audience in the crisis management and targeted by exchanging ads. Like most other DMPS, it can also be used to ensure that advertisers do not bombard the same customers with advertising marketing activities in many markets – and one advantage is the roof of the world the impression of control. And marketers will be able to import data from the first batch of their own and download the data from a third party and use Google treasure data to develop customers for promotional purposes.

In the same way the AdWords advertiser DoubleClick build an audience for Google Analytics and easily lead to systems of advertising on Google, and the crowd, which was built in 360 public Google be readily available to advertisers. (I’m still not clear whether advertisers will continue to build your site or application masses on the basis of the activity of Analytics, whether it is equipped with all the fans in the DMP, if an advertiser uses both products. Data Analtyics may be transferred to the public 360 but asked Google to illustrate more updates here when we hear it again).

As is the case with the integration of the existing program of crisis management (think Oracle / BlueKai), advertisers will be able to search for the target audience for the campaign third Google and use those segments in the Google Display Network. When the integration of customer relationship management with the public 360, a list of e-mail to direct the game client, for example, can be accessed and updated in real time.

“We are moving in marketing and one-to-one model on a large scale,” said Paul Murray, vice president of Google for video, display and analysis of the phone. (This is what is called Facebook-based marketing people).

On-site testing tool: In contrast to the DMP, as well as tools for testing new site called Google to improve 360 ​​(Beta) may be a surprise. Many advertisers are already using the local search engine testing and diagnostic tools and easy to use solutions such as Optimizely. This new product looks much the latter, with the possibility of carrying out the landing page / B without the need for code anything, but Murray also said that “many companies have local systems, and this is the integration of these and gives them control over how to do own operations customizable content. ”

And marketers will be able to test the presentations, layouts and flows of the repression of the audience.

More stressed the integration of the piece here as well. It can automatically connect the measuring device to the public 360 and DoubleClick and AdWords for a test drive.

Data analysis and visualization across the enterprise: A new Google Data Studio 360 (beta). Built on the frame of Google Docs allows you to update and cooperation in reports and dashboards in real time and is intended to open the Data Studio marketing information company and provide simple tools to display in a meaningful way, in fact.

“The exchange and cooperation across product areas really important multifunctional teams and on the other side,” said Moret. “At the moment people are condemned by e-mail about the data and getting blocked by security guards data tables. [Business unit] must be able to change the data and make access to the larger organization.”

Remember studio sits on top of the wings and can integrate data in all the different products and the withdrawal of other data sources as well.

Now the products of this kind of new to the renamed simply:

Tag manager: Google director designate 360 ​​new technical product brand, says Google, because the current brand management Google is the only feature of Google Analytics. It is built on the new menu independent brand product manager. “It offers improved data collection and extensive application programming interfaces to improve data accuracy and streamlining workflow,” according to the blog. What do these APIs differs from the Google API Manager tags, but it is not entirely clear yet.

Enterprise Analysis: Google Analytics Premium is to re Google Analytics 360. Naming announced no new update at this time, but a few “new and exciting opportunities,” approaching, Google says.

Attribution: Since the acquisition of attribution Adometry media in 2014, Google is available as a standalone product and included in your Google Analytics Premium. Now called the support group 360, the product will continue to provide insights to assign different channels, devices and systems, including offline media campaign, for instance, during the recording of TV air. Advertisers can send the results to assign conversion to search and display them in order to improve their own campaign bid.

Open to third parties, selective pricing
In total, there are six products in 360 wings Google Analytics. Each of these solutions will be available a la carte, and the setting will be allocated depending on the products, which the company has chosen. Each product is also open, and that means everything is integrated with Google’s third-party products. It was a matter of time in relation to the DMP, particularly in some wonder whether Google to the wall it on their own advertising platforms.

Built-in Google as an “open system, because we realize, marketers want to use other products,” says Murray, “but we do not think that you are getting a good view on different devices / cross-channel, and is not able to take action immediately . [these products are] easy to use and collaboration. we are happy to have other tools in the mix, but they are very excited about positioning. ”

It is intended for information panel in the apartment depending on the products, which are in use, and access can be tailored to the user level.
Cases of use and integration scenarios
As an example of how the company focuses on making it easier to marketers to take action immediately, and pointed to the re-circulation More dynamics. “We are much easier to re-marketed on a large scale” with the integration of society and examines 360 360 DoubleClick and AdWords.

Another area of ​​concern – although advertised for all new specific capabilities – track your device and control. For example, advertisers will be using both Google and DMP Attribution be able to search for and display the efforts of the re-marketing of various devices in 360 public management and tracking assign different devices in 360 gears without having to do much beyond basic setting products.

This problem with any of these integration is that efficiency comes a lack of independent measurement and verification. The question is, how many customers will be willing to sign a 360 whole experience, giving their statements and rely on Google to measure.

The current contribution of Google analytics and Adometry client will be the first call to start beta testing new products at booth 360 at the end of the day he retired brand Adometry and Google Analytics Premium.

Included in the first Google Analtyics 360 Progressive customer testing, L’Oreal Canada and jack-owned subsidiary of Google.

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